Thursday, October 22, 2015

Red States, Green States

With today's announcement of the failure for South Carolina Obamacare Co-op Consumers Choice you can get out your crayon and color South Carolina RED

In total, only 15  (now 16 and counting) out of the 23 CO-OPs created by the law remain. These closures reveal how ill-advised this aspect of the ACA was both in terms of lost money and the turmoil for the people who enrolled in them. The eight that have failed have received almost $1 billion in loans, and overall CO-OPs received loans totaling $2.4 billion that might never get paid back. In addition, roughly 400,000 people will lose their plans. - Cato
In one of the 2012 debates Gov. Mitt Romney suggested that Obama "just doesn't pick winners and losers, you pick only losers".


And pathetic.

In less than two years 43% of Obama funded health insurance co-ops have failed. Imagine how bad it would have been if the voters had given him permission to take over ALL health insurance and replaced it with co-ops.

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