Thursday, October 01, 2015

Medicaid HIX Credits SNAFU

Co-blogger Bob alerts us to this little glitch:

"The CMS has sent letters to Medicaid consumers who received tax credits to purchase insurance through the Affordable Care Act marketplace."

The first problem is that subsidies are supposed to be available only to folks in a narrow swath of income; those that fall below the minimum and are thus Medicaid-eligible aren't eligible for tax credits (subsidies). But in some states using the Federal Exchange system, "a small number" of Medicaid-eligible folks received these credits by mistake.

Never fear, though:

"The agency says these people will have to ... pay back the amount of the credit they've received."

Which gets to the second problem: um, good luck squeezing blood from that particular turnip:

"Many people will not understand what they need to do. Low income families tend to move often, so many addresses may be inaccurate.”

Not to mention that they're Medicaid-eligible for a reason.

Top. Men.
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