Tuesday, October 20, 2015

CO-OP Secrets and Suits [UPDATED]

Lawsuits, that is. Seems that our post yesterday about how the Centennial State CO-OP was circling the drain has some pushback:

"Colorado HealthOP [has] sued the state's Division of Insurance in response to the agency's action Friday that in effect will shut [it] down."

And they're serious, too: they're asking for an injunction to keep the state from booting them off its Exchange. Interesting development.

UPDATE: Wow, that was fast:

"Colorado HealthOP CEO Julia Hutchins said after Monday’s unsuccessful challenge that she was barred by law from describing it."

We could tell you, but then....

[Update Hat Tip: Charles Gaba]

Obviously, it's no secret that HealthOP is on the ropes, and Pat's post from this past Saturday named quite a few others. But (and this is a big but) we may still not have the whole story: there's apparently a secret list of 11 such entities "on the verge of failure." Since all 11 of those on the list are alleged to be on "enhanced oversight," I may end up eating my words (metaphorically, of course) regarding Ohio's own InHealth (also on enhanced oversight):

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