Saturday, September 19, 2015

In local news: Hospital's Medicare funding at risk

Co-blogger Bob V alerts us to this disturbing news:

"Miami Valley Hospital is in jeopardy of losing Medicare funding after an investigation found nursing staff failed to respond to a patient’s heart monitor alarm and deployed malfunctioning equipment that delayed the patient’s treatment during cardiac arrest."

The patient, who was emaciated and had a fairly extensive medical history, died, and CMS is up in arms:

"[T]he hospital “failed to evaluate nursing care related to the circumstances ... had the potential to affect all patients receiving care in the hospital.”

Miami Valley (MVH) is the flagship of an extensive local network of providers; it's unclear how this might affect other facilities in that network. The hospital's bureauweenies claim that they've undertaken steps to address the problems, and are now waiting on CMS for the verdict.

And there's this: it's not clear how losing MC funding would also affect MediGap and Medicare Advantage plans. After all, they "follow" MC, so if expenses are denied under MC, one would think that supplemental plans would follow suit.

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