Thursday, August 13, 2015

Taking Carly to School

I must admit, I am very impressed with Carly Fiorina as a presidential candidate. She handles herself well and has a good grasp of most of the issues.

But she whiffs it when it comes to Obamacare.

Case in point.
(Jake Tapper) “Didn’t your experience [with cancer] show you that the pre-existing condition part of Obamacare is crucial.
(Carly Fiorina) “I absolutely endorse that goal–I did at the time. But guess what? None of that has worked. Demonstrably, if you look at the results of Obamacare…health insurance premiums are up almost 40% now.
That isn’t helping anyone with cancer, I can assure you that–” IJ Review

I give her a split on this.

Premiums did go up. In most cases a lot more than 40%. It was inevitable.

When you go from insuring mostly healthy people (some carriers made offers on 90%+ of the applications) to insuring anyone, no questions asked, premiums HAD to go up.

But I give her this much. The current offerings don't help much. Even if you have a subsidy, unless you are receiving the max and getting the deductible "buy down" you have premiums you can't afford, deductibles so high you (think) you can't afford to use the plan, or both.

I quoted a husband and wife, age 58, almost $1000 per month for a plan with no copay's and a $12,600 deductible.

Two years ago they could have had a lower deductible for less than $400 per month.
Tapper: “But the expansion of the pool allows the insurance companies to pay for the people with pre-existing conditions.”
Fiorina: “…Who helped write Obamacare? The health insurance companies, and the drug companies. And guess what’s happening? Those companies are consolidating. That’s called crony capitalism.”

Yes, carriers and drug companies were asked to provide input, which they did. But the plan that Obama signed was not the one pitched to the carriers, drug manufacturers or the voting public.

Even Pelosi admitted she had no idea what was in the law she promoted and voted for.

But that's OK. She wasn't alone. Most of those who voted had no idea what was in the law.

Isn't that special?

But the consolidation of carriers was inevitable. Carriers were led to believe they would all write more business and the government (taxpayers actually) would cover their losses.

Come to the Obamacare Casino and you are guaranteed to win. No one loses.

So Carly, the consolidation was not crony capitalism. It is merely the heavy handed micro-management of the law by the administration. Changing the rules on the fly after the law was written. Moving open enrollment. Waiving penalties. Granting exemptions.

I know crony capitalism is a nice buzzword to throw around at election time. But this time it doesn't fit.

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