Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Louise has questions

As we've seen time and again, the MSM does a poor job of actually reporting insurance-related stories (here for example, or here). Our good friend Louise Norris, a fellow blogger and insurance agent, recently had her own experience with this kind of malfeasance:

"Many patient advocates have been pushing to make maternity a qualifying event [for Special Open Enrollment] ... But Colorado tackled that problem five years ago [pre-ACA] ... The law required all health insurance plans in Colorado - including the individual market - to include maternity coverage."

Louise wants to know why the Jenks' family didn't already have maternity coverage, as it's been required on all individual health insurance plans in Colorado since before ObamaCare. And of course, the media can't be bothered to either investigate this, or offer an explanation.

Read the whole post: it's interesting, provocative and very well-written.
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