Tuesday, August 25, 2015

BIDT (Back in the Day)

In early 1991, the venerated Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company (Mutual Ben) closed its doors, signalling the end of an era. Mutual Ben was well-regarded in the industry, with a great reputation, good products fairly priced, and field reps second-to-none. Unfortunately, it succumbed to an unkind real estate market (insurance companies generally love real estate for its long term stability and growth).

Long before HIPAA and EOB's, carriers like Mutual Ben had a more personal touch. FoIB Jeff M has kindly agreed to share with us correspondence he came across in his grandmother's effects. It's a fascinating glimpse into a simpler, arguably kinder time.

Here's a sample:

 [click picture to embiggen]

The whole set is available here. Thanks for sharing, Jeff!
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