Friday, July 10, 2015

Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof

Young people these days. Living carefree lives. Don't need no stinking health insurance. Got better things to spend money on.
These adults, mostly in their 20s, see access to preventive or primary care as the biggest advantage of insurance, and the financial strain of paying for coverage as the main disadvantage, the study found. - Yahoo News
Just like our car insurance covers tires, brakes and oil changes.
Despite their price concerns, however, nearly half of them couldn’t define “deductible,” the amount they need to pay before insurance will pick up the bill. And 78 percent of them incorrectly defined “co-insurance,” the portion of costs they need to pay after the deductible has been met.
I will admit, coinsurance can be a challenging term. But deductible?

They certainly know the word copay.

The survey followed 36 "yutes", average age 26, as they shopped for health insurance online at Most chose silver plans, a middle of the road plan. But some also looked for other alternatives rather than actually PAYING for health insurance.
Many young adults also considered other alternatives such as getting insurance through their employer’s plan, their parents or their school.
Three months later a follow up interview was conducted.
Eight of the 33 participants enrolled in a plan through at the time of their follow-up interview. Six of them selected silver plans, while one chose catastrophic and one opted for bronze.
They were generally satisfied with their selections, the study found.
Five participants remained uninsured at the time of the follow-up interview. All of them cited unaffordability as a reason for not purchasing insurance.

It begs the question, how many of those who indicated they were satisfied had actually used the plan for anything other than routine care.

And what about the remaining 20? (33 - 8 - 5 = 20)

Assuming they got coverage through mommy's plan or an employer, it makes you wonder why DC had to spend a trillion dollars they didn't have to provide "affordable" health insurance for such a low percentage of low information voters.

Going forward, I wonder how many people will be satisfied with the advice they get from the 30 day wonders that answer the phones at

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