Monday, July 20, 2015

Smokin' Hot Vendor Tricks

Several years ago, I bought a CharBroil brand Commercial Series Infrared gas grill. Because I tend to grill almost year 'round, it's seen a lot of use, and some of the internal parts have begun to wear out (which is to be expected: there were no commas on its price tag).

CharBroil offers a nifty "refresher" kit which includes new cooking grates and assorted other parts at a decent price, and so I ordered one. The way it works is that you buy the kit that matches up with your grill's serial number; somehow, the kit that arrived a few days after ordering was the wrong one.

But I didn't know it (hey, parts is parts, right?).

In the event, the replacement grates were made of a different material than the original, and it was unclear how to 'season' them. So I called the company to ask for advice on seasoning the new grates, and as I described them to the young lady on the other end of the line, she realized that they had sent the wrong ones. This was a problem: I'd already disposed of the packaging material (which pretty much every company requires in order to return defective merchandise). No problem, she told me: they had shipped the wrong item, they would credit my account for the full amount (including shipping!) and then ship me the correct kit, charging only for the kit itself.

I pointed out that this meant that I was actually coming out $16 ahead, which didn't seem fair; she explained that they would rather have satisfied customers.


I've really enjoyed this grill (it does a great job), and now I'm even more impressed with the company behind it.

Kudos, CharBroil!
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