Monday, July 27, 2015

Feel the Love

Anthem wants to add Cigna to their stables. But Blue Cross is not pleased.
Anthem (ANTM), may be causing anxiety for fellow Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans across the country with its $54 billion purchase of Cigna (CI). - Forbes
Why is that you ask? Aren't they the same company?

The (Blue Cross) association’s rules prevent Anthem from using the well-recognized Blue Cross and Blue Shield brand in regions where Anthem doesn’t have the Blue Cross license or own a Blues plan, Anthem is forced to sell health insurance under a different brand like Amerigroup, which will fight for business against other Blues plans.
“The deal sets Anthem in direct competition against other Blue Cross Blue Shield plans nationwide,”

Blue Cross needs to put on their big boy pants and move into the 21st century.

But have no fear.
In the past, Anthem’s commercial businesses that operated without the benefit of the Blue Cross license haven’t always done so well when they couldn’t market as “Blue.” 
“There’s amazing wellness programs that Cigna’s developed,” DeVeydt said. “I think our Blue brethren, they compete today in those markets with us and others and have always welcomed competition. From our perspective, we hope the consumer can get the best of both brands, and that includes the value of the Blue network.”

Sounds like Anthem is looking forward to competing with their Blue brethren.

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