Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Don't Believe Everything

Just because you saw it on the internet, does not mean it's true. - A. Lincoln

Headline reads, "Obamacare rates only going up 4%".

However .............
While average premiums will rise only 4 percent statewide, rates will climb as high as 12.8 percent in Santa Cruz County, 7 percent in Santa Clara County and more than 6 percent in Alameda and San Mateo counties, exchange officials revealed. - Washington Times
Even then, it could be worse.
But he acknowledged that Northern California would be harder hit in 2016. So did others.
“Particularly in the Bay Area and Sacramento there is a lack of choice among providers, putting the health plans in a difficult place in terms of getting a good price,” 
Guess we will wait until October to learn the truth.

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