Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Continuing VA Shanda Saga

Well, well, well.

When last we looked, the Veterans Administration was about to be awarded a clean bill of health:

"The Inspector General is expected to release a report that claims there were no deaths due to excessive wait times or denied access to care at the Veterans Administration facilities."

Very nice.

So how'd that work out for those who sacrificed life and limb for our country?

Turns out, not so good:

"According to a leaked internal document from the Department of Veterans Affairs, nearly one-third of veterans awaiting healthcare coverage at the VA have already died."

Now, to be fair, that means that upwards of two thirds managed to survive the VA's tender ministrations. And batting .330 in the majors is a big deal (just ask Hall of Famers Ty Cobb or Shoeless Joe). Then again, they weren't responsible for keeping our vets healthy (and alive!).

Warm fuzzies.
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