Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Creative Writing

A long time ago I took a college course in creative writing. The instructor encouraged us to use our imagination to write stories, fact or fiction. Just make sure it is entertaining.

Seems an insurance agent in North Carolina decided to do his own kind of creative writing.

Using a bird dog, Charlotte agent Will Kennedy submitted some 600 Obamacare applications in a relatively short time frame.

All from homeless people.

Many with the same address.

And all having exactly $11,700 in projected income.

Just enough to qualify for the maximum subsidy.

If you look beyond the questionable tactics, otherwise known as creative writing, there is this.
Huggins is among dozens in Charlotte who are learning that their “free” coverage requires them to cover a $5,000 deductible and costs them eligibility for some of the free medical services they’ve relied on.
“We have people who really need their medicine, and we can’t give it to them,” said Susan Royster of Charlotte-based NC MedAssist, which provides free prescription drugs for the uninsured. - Charlotte Observer

The homeless gained insurance they neither wanted nor could afford.

In gaining coverage they lost other "free" social services.

The agent picked up commissions on some 600 new clients.

Such a deal.

Minnie the Moocher would be proud.

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