Thursday, June 18, 2015

Completely Asinine Carrier Trick

So, Medical Mutual of Ohio sent me a new Broker Agreement form (essentially the contract that allows me to sell their products and receive a commission for doing so). Very standard, very simple, no big deal.


The form is 13 pages long, and only 3 of them require any input (name and contact info, signature). So, I print off and complete those 3 pages, scan them back in (and could somebody explain the rocket surgery in emailing an electronic form which then needs to be printed out, then scanned back in?) and hit the send button.

Easy peasy lemon squeazy.

Or so I thought.

This morning, I'm greeted with this:
Good Morning
Our legal department requires at all  13 pages are returned .

I have attached a new blank document for your use

Please complete
Page 1 – List your name  
Page 11 – your contact information
Page 13 – Sign and print your name and added your NPN Number

Return all  13 pages please

Thank you
Um, Einstein's? Those were the three pages I sent you; the rest is boilerplate. But I'm now supposed to print out 10 more pages of your idiotic verbiage? How bad is it when I'm complaining about killing trees?

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