Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Centennial State HIX Hiccups

The latest news from Colorado reinforces the fact that state-run Exchanges are no panacea, either (as if further confirmation was needed - Aloha!):

"Colorado’s health exchange board today approved a final budget for the next fiscal year that requires aggressive sales growth and higher fees, but still doesn’t bring in enough cash."

Shorter: we're losing money hand-over-fist, but we'll make up for it in volume.

A big part of the problem is that a disproportionate population of folks are being added to the Medicaid rolls, which bring in zero premium dollars, and exacerbate an already-overwhelmed health care delivery system.

But they certainly have their priorities in order:

"Kevin Patterson, the new interim CEO, pledged that his primary goal is to improve customer service"

Yeah, because that's the most pressing issue.

Top. Men.

Fellow insurance agent John Luhman notes that a key problem (aside from, you know, customer service) is that the Exchange itself is plagued with technical problems. In response, the rocket surgeons tasked with maintaining it claim that "that’s the case about 10 percent of the time and they are trying to build a better shared IT system with state Medicaid officials."

"10%" Sure, sure.

But the best quote comes from board member Davis Fansler, who said he’s "concerned about the projected losses. There’s a gap here (between revenue and expenses) no matter how we slice it ... We’re ultimately going to have to take a look at what some ancillary revenues might be."

No kidding. And what are these "ancillary" revenues of which he speaks?

Good question.
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