Wednesday, June 17, 2015

An embarrassment of riches linkage

■ Who says crime doesn't pay? Oh, I guess that would be "Tracie Yvette Clay, 46, chief executive of N.C. Behavioral Health and Counseling Services" who's just been sent to the slammer for the next half-dozen years.

Why, you ask?

Well, as FoIB Jeff M tips us, Ms Clay admitted that she's "submitted claims for services for at least 56 clients – none of whom received the services."

And the value of those not-actually-provided services? A cool million dollars. Easy come, easy go.

■ For those following the Halbig/King/Burntwell saga, here's some perspective: "Only 1 out of 5 whose insurance costs grew because of obamacare got subsidies."

That is "the subsidies also served to mask the significant health insurance premium increases that would inevitably result from the law’s new insurance benefit requirements and regulations."

Of course, the current meme-of-the-day is that current rate hikes are "modest." Try telling that to my clients facing double-digit increases, and essentailly no options if they want to maintain comparable coverage.

■ And in Blast-From-The-Past news, the home of RomneyCare continues to embarrass itself:

"MassHealth squandered more than $500M ... The state’s Medicaid program squandered more than $500 million over a five-year span ... the state paying twice for the same service on nearly 1.5 million occasions"

Could be worse, of course.
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