Monday, May 04, 2015

Who'da thunk it?

As Bob reported a week or so ago, the Golden State's health exchange is fast approaching room temp. But they're not alone:

"Nearly half of the 17 insurance marketplaces set up by the states and the District under [the ObamaTax] are struggling financially ... wrestling with surging costs, especially for balky technology and expensive customer call centers"

That's right: the much-touted call centers don't work, but we'll keep throwing money at them anyway.

Makes sense (if you're in DC).

On the other hand, even Ms Burntwell (et al) may have begun to see the value that professional agents bring to the party:

"The agency that runs the public exchange system in the states has given navigators, certified application counselors (CACs) and other nonprofit assisters a webinar on how to work with insurance agents and brokers."

Unlike these "counselors," agents must be vetted for prior criminal activity, licensed by their state, have strict continuing education requirements, and carry malpractice (Errors & Omissions) insurance.

Nice that DC finally got a clue.
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