Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gender Bender Preventive Care

So, the kind folks at Ballard Spahr (a well-known benefits law firm) passed along info on the efforts by Our Betters in DC© to more stringently enforce the so-called Preventive Care requirements in ObamaPlans. There's the usual litany of "free" (cf: TAANSTAFL) items, and then this particular turn of phrase caught my eye:

"In applying preventive service recommendations that are sex-specific to particular individuals (for example, a transgender individual)"

Regular readers know that the exhaustive list of preventive care requirements contain exactly ZERO male-specific benefits. So here's a conundrum: folks undergoing female-to-male "transitioning" will be giving up valuable coverage, with no corresponding decrease in premium.

Is this fair?

When can we expect to see the first lawsuit?

Will there be popcorn?
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