Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dear HHS, Will You Share My ACA Success Story?

March 23, 2010 was an historic day for health insurance in America. It was on this day when we all rejoiced knowing that Obamacare was going to reduce the average premiums for a family of four by $2500. It was going to help small businesses find affordable options to offer employees. It was going to eliminate "junk" insurance policies. Employees were told that if they liked their plans they could keep them.
So how has this Obamacare thingy helped my small company:
  • We have seen an overall decrease in benefits since 2010.
  • From November 2010 to our current plan year premiums have increased 58.7%.
  • If we would have been forced to an Obamacare compliant plan the increase would have been 116.7%
Numbers don’t lie. Click on the picture to see the real impact.
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