Friday, May 15, 2015

Blindfolded and Hands Tied

How would you like to do your job, whatever it is, blindfolded and hands tied behind your back?

OK, let's say you are not one of the Flying Wallenda's, but just have an ordinary, everyday job.

How well could you perform your duties?

My guess is, not very well.

But that is what Obamacare did to the health insurance carriers.
“The guaranteed-issue aspect of the ACA essentially negates underwriting,” Stark said, referring to Obamacare rules requiring health insurers to allow anyone to enroll, even if they’re already sick. “Health insurance companies have struggled with plan pricing for the past few years because they now must sell to anyone, regardless of preexisting conditions. 
“Additionally, carriers must include all 10 benefit mandates required in the ACA, all of which potentially drive up plan prices,” Stark said. “Unlike automobile or homeowners insurance, health insurance companies have no control over accepting risk and no control over their insurance product.” - Heartland

The government told the carriers, forget what you have learned over the last 50+ years. You can't do that anymore.

Makes as much sense as the government telling the banks they must issue a mortgage loan to anyone who can fog a mirror.

Wait, we tried that already.

Makes you wonder what DC's next project is, doesn't it?
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