Saturday, April 25, 2015

Working for Free

Agents that dared venture into the Obamacare morass at are discovering, in many cases, they
were donating their time and expertise for the cause.

If you want to get paid on business submitted through the form that is transmitted to the health insurance carrier must have you identified by your NPN (National Producer Number). That number is the key to getting paid.

Without it, you get nada.
CMS recently identified that is not always passing the agent's name and National Producer Number (NPN) to health insurance carriers. As a result, Highmark cannot assign agent and agency numbers to these policies, and commission cannot be paid.
If producers believe this information is missing, they should contact their General Agency (GA). The GA should then check the daily activity reports and commission statements to see if this information was sent to Highmark, prior to taking any additional action. Please note - the producer hotline cannot verify if the agent's name or NPN is on an application. - URLINS

Is this a glitch or something deliberate?

Could be either. No way to know.

There have been rumors that enrollers are being instructed to strip NPN's from the file if they have any direct contact with the applicant during the application stage.

But it could be something as simple as a hard drive crash ............... or the server being stripped of this information.

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