Thursday, March 19, 2015

Yeah, about that *Affordable* Care Act

Contra the President's explicit promise to lower health insurance premiums by 3000%, the reality is that average premiums rose 23% from last year, and that's after subsidies.

Yes, those wonderful gimme's designed to (artificially) reduce premiums actually didn't.

Shocking, I know.

One big reason is that the subsidies themselves actually decreased at the same time that, due to medical inflation and other factors, premiums increased. So the net result is that the ObamaTax is less "affordable" than ever. And it's not likely to get any better:

"Next year is likely to bring more premium pain, if the Congressional Budget Office is right. It says insurance costs will climb 8.5% in 2016"

And let's also not forget the other elephant on the table: MOOPs. But hey, we had to pass it to...
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