Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Two strikes?

As the Halbig/King/Burwell circus plays on in the background, it might be instructive to see how the ObamaTax is working out so far in real life:

Case 1: FoIB Jeff M tips us to this article from Brant Clifton [ed: what a great name!], who relates the story of friends of his that endured the bureaucratic nightmare of learning that they're not as American as they thought they were:

"This couple had — apparently — not sufficiently proved to Blue Cross Blue Shield that they are legal US citizens.  (Now, for the record, these two are the whitest white  people with the whitest white people names ... They both have social security numbers and birth certificates showing that they were born in US states.)"

And they're still not covered.

Case 2: And a bit of schadenfreude. California citizen Melissa Klein was a good little Democrat, faithfully supporting the President and his signature legislation. But that was then, and this is now:

"Dear @CoveredCA - you've turned a staunch supporter of #Obamacare into an opponent. Id rather die broke than have to go thru your exchange."

Something about fury and a woman scorned?


"[I] support obamacare, but not incompetence. i cant file my taxes because of a form that was never generated and may never be"

Um, cognitive dissonance much?

But wait, it gets better:

"[T]here is an app for purchasing weed & yet our health care system can't generate a form for the IRS"

So she's saying that the ObamaTax has gone to pot?

Read the whole thing - consider it an antidote for the Clifton story above.
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