Monday, March 30, 2015

Face-Palming HIX Tricks

Regular readers may recall Bob's post a week or so ago lambasting the folks running the ObamaTax for shortchanging citizens by effectively locking out their agents and brokers:

"[T]there is also a concern for the lack of informed advice available to the consumer that dialogues with a navigator who has barely a few weeks of training (if that) buys through the exchange. What kind of counsel are they getting? Do the navigators understand the nuances of a PPO plan vs. HMO? And what about drug formularies?"

Of course not, but because the "agents are unnecessary (if not evil)" meme was fully entrenched, it seemed that folks who could truly benefit from having access to a knowledgeable, accountable agents were outta luck.

The good news is that at least one state, Washington, has seen the light:

"If you want to get people insured, you go to agents and brokers ... the board notes it is working to increase broker participation, and therefore increase enrollment participation."

And it gets even better: the folks running the beleaguered Maryland Exchange "said they were looking to brokers to reach those remaining uninsured. That including rotating brokers into their call centers." [ed: not sure how well that'll work, since agents work best independently, but perhaps time will tell].

Are eyes being opened at long, long last?
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