Thursday, February 19, 2015

Imagine If You Will

A world in which almost anything can be considered a life qualifying event that allows you access to Obamacrack.

Under the new rules of engagement, you are not allowed to purchase health insurance anytime you want. That was the old way. Not any more.

Now you can only purchase when the government says you can purchase. During pre-determined open enrollment periods.

Or pre-defined life qualifying events.

If you get married (but not engaged), divorced (but not separated), lose your current health insurance (involuntarily of course) or deliver a baby you may then purchase health insurance.

But some groups are not happy with this arrangement. They believe you should be able to purchase health insurance when you become pregnant.

Groups such as Planned Parenthood, March of Dimes and Young Invincibles (whatever that is) want to change the rules making health insurance available as soon as you are impregnated.
The Obama administration often touts the health benefits women have gained under the Affordable Care Act, including the option to sign up for coverage outside of open enrollment periods if they’re “having a baby.”
But advocates complain the special insurance enrollment period begins only after a birth. As a result, uninsured women who learn they are pregnant outside of the regular three-month open enrollment period, which this year ended Sunday, can get stuck paying thousands of dollars for prenatal care and a delivery — or worse, going without  care. - KHN

Kind of runs against the grain of "planned" parenthood, doesn't it?

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