Friday, February 06, 2015

Friday LinkFest

So, several items that, while blogworthy, don't seem to merit their own dedicated post:

■ As we've already seen, the future of health care CO-OPs is, at best, rocky. At the Employee Benefit Advisor, Bruce Shutan looks under the hood, and notes that "it captured nearly a quarter of the total enrollment for all 23 consumer-operated and oriented plans known as CO-OPs operating in 24 states," all on a "shoe-string" budget.
Bruce has some thoughts on how this will play out as we go forward..

■ FoIB Holly R tips us to this tidbit of tantalizing info:

"The White House cyber czar may have had personal information leaked in the recent Anthem data breach."

That breach, news of which is still evolving, may end up "touching" a lot more folks than originally believed.

■ As we've noted many times, wine (especially the reds) have been linked to several positive health effects. Turns out, that IPA you were drinking last Sunday may also help:

"[B]eer also confers some health benefits, according to a new study, which found a compound within can ward off dementia and other cognitive decline."

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