Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Afternoon Linkfest

■ If you're a current or former Anthem insured (or employee), the beleaguered carrier is offering a series of Town Hall meetings to "[t]o review what we know and share with you what we're doing at this point."

On hand will be Chief Info Officer Stacia Grosso and Ken Goulet, Commercial and Specialty Market honcho.

Aside from these Town Halls, Anthem's also arranging for complimenatry credit monitoring for those affected by the cyber attack. Click here for more on that.

■ Speaking of commercial business, employers will be delighted to learn that the IRS [ed: ever notice how, of you take out that space, it becomes theIRS?] is about to ship out the new Form 1094-C, which "employers are supposed to use to tell the IRS whether they offered workers minimum essential coverage (MEC), and Form 1095-C, which is the form employers are supposed to use to tell the workers themselves whether they had or were offered MEC."

Oh goody.

■ And finally, just in time for Valentine's Day, this reminder from Dame Nancy McBotox Pelosi that, in lieu of flowers or chocolate, one should instead urge loved one's to sign up for an ObamaPlan.

See, romance isn't dead (it is, apparently, quite under the weather).
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