Monday, December 29, 2014


As Bob reported last week, "CoOportunity Health, a fledgling Iowa health-insurance company ... has been taken over by by state regulators and could soon go under."

Our good friend (and fellow blogger) Joe Kristan, who lives and works in The Hawkeye State, has some on-the-ground news about the fate of the co-op, and of the state's Small Business Health Insurance Market (SHOP) in general. It ain't pretty, but it may be a bellwether:

"In our coverage area, CoOportunity was the only SHOP provider ... This makes life complicated for small businesses that don’t currently have “grandfathered” coverage"

Since most probably don't, there's bound to be some broken hearts (and bank accounts). Joe's included a helpful round-up of related posts from around the 'sphere.

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