Monday, December 01, 2014

More GruberGate Cannon-fire

As we've noted for a while, Herr Dr J Gruber has managed to talk himself into quite a corner. While making big coin (for apparently small work) designing and implementing the ObamaTax, casually demeaning the poor, feckless congresscritters who voted for it (that we might then learn what's in it), and then doubling down on both, he's managed to raise quite a few hackles.

Once of his most vociferous - and successful - hacklers has been FoIB Michael cannon (oh, yeah, he's also the Cato Institute's director of health policy studies). Today, Michael has a special treat in store:

Grubergate, the Mini-Series

Presented in eight parts (from Stupid Voters through What the Future Holds), you'll be entertained and enraged (likely in equal measure). It's the Don't Miss hit of the season!
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