Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Centennial State Blunders

This past summer, we learned that "... the Connect for Health Colorado Board of Directors voted for a $13 million increase in taxes for those insured under the Colorado health exchange to help the exchange make up for a budget deficit."

Hard to believe it, but even that baker's dozen of millions was merely a butterfly bandage on a gaping wound:

"A devastating state audit released Monday found a rash of problems with the Colorado health-care exchange’s handling of $32 million in taxpayer funds as well as possible violations of federal law."

Keep in mind, the Colorado Exchange is set to receive almost $180 million in taxpayer funds from all 58 states. But it's rife with (alleged) corruption, cost overruns, bookkeeping errors galore, and more.

In short, a perfect microcosm of the ObamaTax itself.

Kind of fitting, one supposes.

And it's made even more interesting by the #GruberGate hearings going on now in DC: if (and that's a big if) the Halbig/King cases stymie the Federal Exchange subsidies, folks in state-run exchanges (like Colorado) would still be entitled to theirs. Ka-ching!
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