Monday, December 15, 2014

Audits, Audits Everywhere!

Fresh on the heels of the Colorado Exchange debacle, and from the home of RomneyCare, comes this news:

"The Massachusetts Medicaid program spent $35 million on questionable claims for health care provided to low-income immigrants"

But Henry, you may object, that's Medicaid, not the ObamaTax. Unfortunately, the two will forever be conflated, as The Bay State  expanded Medicaid under the ObamaTax umbrella.

The review flagged over a quarter million questionable claims, and what's worse, it appears that most of the folks filing them are here in the US illegally. So while you take a last-minute stab at signing up for an ObamaPlan (Phase of one Open Enrollment v2.0 ends today), rejoice in the fact that folks here illegally get their healthcare for free, without having to deal with that pesky site.

[Hat Tip: Josh Archambault]
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