Tuesday, November 11, 2014

O'Care Potpourri

■ In keeping with the politically correct stance of providing vital services convenience items for women, but not for men, Medical Mutual has announced that "Drugs Used to Treat Erectile Dysfunction No Longer Covered in Individual and Small Group Metal-Tier Plans (On or Off Exchange)."

That little blue (?) pill is now excluded.


■ We've talked before about some of the shadier links that are floating around, ostensibly to direct folks to the official 404Care.gov site, but actually not. Got this one in email today:

"Sign up For health-insurance Under the affordable Care - act-  avoid Penalties"

And then this link:


Which does not in fact, lead to the real site at all.

Shocking, I know.

■ As we've been saying for quite a while, the whole "Navigator" idea is dangerously attractive to ill-intentioned folks. After all, they're (largely) unlicensed and unvetted, and, well, this will surely come as no surprise to IB regulars:

But what could possibly go wrong?
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