Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Missing the Mark, MVNHS©-style

Last month, we questioned whether the Much Vaunted National Health System© was worth saving (assuming it could be, of course). Thanks to co-blogger Bob, we have more evidence supporting the "No" position:

"The NHS in England has repeatedly missed a key target for rapidly treating cancer patients ... Cancer charities said thousands of patients were being failed."

Of course, that pre-supposes that the actual goal was saving lives, not pounds sterling.

So how does that translate into real-world, real-people numbers?


"[O]f the 33,404 people who started cancer treatment between July and September, more than 5,500 were not treated within the 62 day target."

Depending on the3 type and stage of the cancer, that two months can very easily mean the difference between life and death, lumpectomy or double mastectomy. And it's not getting any better for our Cousins Across the Pond:

"These breaches have become a trend and they are worsening, which is why urgent action must be taken to support the NHS" according to Sarah Woolnough, from Cancer Research UK.

It's also worth noting that the shortage of radiologists, which has exacerbated the problem:

"Patients are waiting too long for imaging test results."

Coming soon to an ObamaPlan near you.
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