Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Killing Time

Obamacare 2015 open enrollment is here. 

Good news is, the site seems to be working, kind of .........

Bad news?
Consumers there were having a hard time logging into their accounts, retrieving old passwords and proving they were who they said they were — a process known as identity proofing, which also vexed many people last fall. Some people did complete their applications at the Manassas clinic on Saturday, but it often took them 90 minutes.
NY Times

Babies are birthed faster than that.

Who has 90 minutes, or longer, to wait to get into their account? And that's on top of queuing up at your local Obamacare office.
Similar problems frustrated Lorena Ortiz, 40, of Woodbridge, Va., who tried to switch plans in a conference room at the clinic that Ms. Burwell visited on Saturday. Ms. Ortiz had signed up for coverage in the first enrollment period, but could not remember the password for her account on HealthCare.gov.
She and a certified application counselor, Kathleen May, spent an hour trying to retrieve Ms. Ortiz’s old password — even making a call to the HealthCare.gov call center — to no avail. They waited for a new password to come to Ms. Ortiz’s email address, but it never did.
Then they tried creating a new account. At first that did not work, either, so they tried using a different email address for Ms. Ortiz. When Ms. Burwell walked into the conference room to greet clients, Ms. May and Ms. Ortiz did not even look up.
They finally succeeded in creating a new account for Ms. Ortiz with a different email address. But then they could not link her old health plan to her new account.

Smooth ..............

Rube Goldberg would be jealous.
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