Monday, November 24, 2014

Chicken Soup for the Health Care Policy

We've long documented the utter failure of nationalized "health care" schemes to rein in costs any more efficiently than our previous, market-based system. From Jolly Old to The Great White, failure is, in fact, an option.

And so it goes in the Holy Land, as well:

"The cost per household for supplementary health insurance from one’s public health fund and for commercial (private) health insurance increased significantly – by 8.5 percent – in 2013, compared to only 4% in 2012."

Catch that? Even (especially?) in nationalized systems, "supplemental" coverage is de rigueur . And what does that portend for the Israeli (to name just one) system?


"This is a likely sign that public insurance coverage is not regarded by citizens as enough and that accessibility to care from the public health funds and hospitals is declining."

No kidding.

[Hat Tip: FoIB Holly R]
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