Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Power of "Hi!"

One of my group clients shares a parking lot with one of our agency's commercial (P&C) clients. When we first landed that account, I met with the owner to let him know the kinds of services we offer on the life and health side; he indicated that he appreciated that but was happy with his current arrangement.

Which is fine - all I can do is tell folks what we can do for them. Anyway, I had occasion yesterday to meet with my group client to review their renewal (Oy!) and, when we were through, it occurred to me that it'd be very nice if I stopped in and said 'Hi' to our business account across the way.

Two hours later, the owner had asked me to get him quotes on Long Term Care coverage, and to take over as agent on his group health plan (he had become disillusioned with his current agent, who apparently didn't think it was important to keep in touch). We even discussed the possibility of self-funding, an option which his previous agent had never even broached.

What's funny is that I really, truly, seriously just wanted to say "Hi."
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