Sunday, October 12, 2014

Obamacare (Almost) Anniversary Edition

We are now 10.5 months into Obamacare and while the jury is still out on some things (such as how
much this Fascist experiment really cost) there are many things we do know.

Most people don't like it.

Actually, most despise it.

Including people like Dennis Breier.

Dennis, his wife Kim and their three children would be included in the "Millennial" generation. Dennis has his own wealth management firm and is also a licensed insurance agent.

He opted to research and buy a plan direct from the Illinois Blue Cross organization. His wife was pregnant at the time and with young kids that go to the doctor a lot he chose a plan with a low deductible and copay's.
His family has made about 15 to 20 visits to the doctor since signing up, and Dennis says they've had to dispute the bill almost every time over charges for things that should be covered. Then after two months of having the insurance and paying premiums, they received a notice that their insurance has been discontinued because the insurance company hadn't received any premium payments – their premium payments had been going to a different person's account.
Dennis and Kim had to make multiple phone calls and spent over 10 hours resolving the issue. In addition, when their son was born in March, they tried to add him to their policy and it took nearly four months for the paperwork to be processed.
Fiscal Times

Seven months later he hired an agent that specializes in health insurance to assist.
“The insurance we had before Obamacare was far better than our new policy. The frustrating thing is it’s really expensive. You'd expect pretty good service for $1,100 a month, but the administrative work has been a nightmare. So much is slipping through the cracks. I’ve been with BCBS forever, but I will switch to a health savings account this year because of the tax deductions and the fact that our current premium is too high to continue.” 
Seems like Dennis came out of the ether.

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