Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Hope for Naughty Navigators?

We've long chronicled the troubled history of the unlicensed, unvetted Navigators (here for example), but hope may be on the way for potential victims customers in The Sooner State:

"Commissioner Doak Adopts Emergency Rules for Navigators ...  The rules ensure that all registered navigators are properly trained and obeying Oklahoma laws."

Which is most certainly a step in the right direction. But what does that mean, exactly?

"Navigators must be approved by the federal government, undergo a background check and pay the required fees before operating in the state of Oklahoma."

That first one's not all that impressive. The second is problematic: "undergo" doesn't necessarily mean "pass;" that is, just because someone underwent a background check doesn't mean that they're inherently honest. All it means is that their "record" (if any) is noted in their file. This does not inspire much confidence.

Still, it's better than nothing, and perhaps some of the other 57 states will adopt these - or even more stringent - standards.
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