Friday, October 10, 2014

Hit me again!

So folks in the Sunshine State aren't the only ones feeling the premium pinch coming up on Open Enrollment v2.0:

"State regulators approved significant premium hikes on Louisiana’s and Iowa’s Obamacare exchanges this week, with each state seeing average hikes reaching the double-digits."

Yes, that's double-digit increases (as opposed to the 3000% decrease we were promised. Bayou State Blue Cross insureds will see on-Exchange premiums rise by almost 20%; folks in the Hawkeye State are in for a drubbing, as well, also clocking in at about 20%.

Something interesting, though, in that Louisiana news: "Blue Cross Blue Shield isn’t hiking rates on customers with narrowed networks." This is something we've been yelling from the rooftops for quite a while: increased demand will always lose out to diminished supply.

Econ 1.0 wins again.

[Hat Tip: PowerLine]

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