Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blue Cross Wrist Slap

Received this via email:

"The ruling confirms last year's judgment by a federal court in Detroit, which found that BCBSM collected millions of dollars in hidden fees over a nearly 20-year period from the  employee health plan for Hi-Lex Controls, Inc. and Hi-Lex America, Inc."

Over the years, we've blogged on the Blues' various legal travails more than once (most recently here). It's nice to see one that's actually "gone the distance," though.

The case at hand actually took 3 years to wend its way to SCOTUS, but it's apparently not the last:

"The Hi-Lex matter is the first of nearly fifty cases filed by Varnum [law firm] over the fraudulent fees."

It seems that BX was acting as the claims payor for self-insured plans, and reporting different amounts than were actually being charged. Even more egregiously, managers apparently knew of the practice, but discouraged employees from mentioning it, making them unwitting accomplices.

It appears that BX has since discontinued this practice, perhaps as a result of the litigation.

[Hat Tip: Tyler Lecceadone]
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