Monday, September 29, 2014

Stupid Carrier Tricks, Beginner Level version [UPDATED]

Really, Mass Mutual?

In its efforts to "reach out" the the non-insurance community, MM seems to have shot itself in the foot here.

How, you ask?

Insurance 101-level stupidity. On Facebook, no less.

Here's the problem:

"Rebating: Returning a portion of the premium or the agent's/broker's commission on the premium to the insured or other inducements to place business with a specific insurer. Rebating is illegal in the majority of states."

Actually, I am unaware of any state where this is legal [ed: Wrong. See update below]. And the folks at Home Office should know that potential policyholders will see this, and begin asking its agents and representatives about premium breaks. After all, they've just been told to "Haggle Relentlessly."

It's a shame, too, since the carrier has a long history of doing great things:

"In an effort to provide Millennials with the support they need, MassMutual [has] launched a new initiative – “Down with Debt” - aimed at addressing the student debt crisis by providing helpful financial tips and offering a $20,000 reward for the most creative strategy to pay down debt."

Wonder if these folks can get a deal on their college loans.

UPDATE [9/30/14]: Co-Blogger Bob and FoIB Chad N point out that both California and Florida do allow rebating.

I don't think this detracts from my overall point, but we always strive for accuracy.
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