Friday, August 22, 2014

Tax Form 1040(OY)

Let's suppose that, against all odds, you've successfully navigated the site and enrolled in an ObamaPlan. And let's further suppose that, against all odds again, you're deemed eligible for a subsidy.

Now - and bear with me here - let's suppose even further that you're gainfully employed and need to file your taxes. Piece of cake, right?


"Obamacare customers won’t be able to file their tax returns next year until the government sends them a form detailing their coverage and tax credits"

Well, we're all familiar with the prompt, efficient and accountable IRS, so no problem, right?


If you're due a refund, well then you're stuck: until you can attach those forms to your return, you're getting bupkis.

But that may be the least of it: what if you owe taxes? You can't complete the return without the form, so will you now owe penalties and interest, too?

And there's this: if you miscalculated (or just had a stroke of mid-year good luck) and end up making too much income, you're going to have to refund at least some of your subsidy back to Uncle Sugar. That's only fair, right?

Click here for a more detailed explication.
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