Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lists and honors

As one might imagine, we get a lot of self-promoting email here at IB, often in the form of "Top 10" lists and the like, in an effort to drum up links. Usually, these are just slapped together with no real effort to confirm whether all the blogs listed are even still on-line.

Sometimes, though, one will pop up that's actually worthwhile, well-researched and actually well-written. Such is the case with the Best Medical Assistant Program blog. They've just published their take on the Top 100 Health Care Blogs; I was pleasantly surprised to see that it's well-organized and the entries have actually been vetted. And it includes folks that I know are top-flight: Val Jones, Jason Shafrin, David Williams, to name a few.

The list is broken down by category: everything from General Health Care to Nursing, even Health Insurance. And speaking of which,. guess which blog took top spot in that category? Anyway, it's a badge we'll wear with honor. Thanks, Mae Rulona!
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