Thursday, August 28, 2014 Security Chief Was Distracted

It's no secret that the Obamacare website is not only dysfunctional, but also has major security
flaws. There may be a good reason for the latter problems. The IT chief of security apparently had his, uh, hands full with other distractions.
Timothy DeFoggi, who had been the lead IT specialist at the Department of Health and Human Services, was found guilty Tuesday for accessing and viewing child porn, and discussing his fantasies — which included the rape and murder of children — on message boards.
[He] was found guilty of engaging in a child exploitation enterprise, conspiracy to advertise and distribute child pornography and accessing a computer with intent to view child pornography.
Apparently he was dallying when he should have been dillying.
In May, the Department of Homeland Security announced the major bust of a childhood pornography ring leading to the arrest of 71 individuals, in part due to the monitoring of elicit activities on a web group with over 3,000 members.
The offenders came from all walks of life, including “two police officers, a Little League coach, and a mother.”
And the chief of security for the Obamacare web site ............
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