Friday, July 18, 2014

Navigator Two-fers

So those unlicensed, unvetted Navigators, which (at last count) cost over $67 million, have racked up some pretty impressive numbers.

For certain values of "impressive:"

"If you do the math, 28,000 individuals assisting 10.6 million people over 210 days breaks down to 1.8 people per day per service representative."

Bob broke these numbers down a little differently, but the point remains the same: a colossal failure. Part of the problem was baked into the cake: because of the complexity of the subsidy calculations and the sheer number of available plans, coupled with folks with no prior insurance experience or knowledge, Navigators were spending upwards of two hours per "prospect." Not exactly cost-efficient.

But then, this is the gummint, not exactly known for it's spendthrift ways.
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