Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Liberals Must Hate Obamacare

A GOP lawsuit against the Obama administration on overstepping their constitutional authority in delaying the employer mandate in Obamacare has led to Democratic outcries and a platform to fundraise for their base. Liberals call the lawsuit frivolous and that an attempt to impeach the President will follow. They say it is a waste of money and a witch hunt designed to tear apart Obamacare. They also want GOP members of Congress to do their jobs and as the President said: "stop hating all the time."

While the GOP lawsuit focuses on the employer mandate, it should be noted that since it's inception Obamacare has had 42 changes made to it. 24 of them have been done by the administration with no input from Congress or the courts. These include: the individual mandate delay, the employer mandate delay, early closing the high risk pool (PCIP), canceled Medicare Advantage cuts, an extension of transitional (Grandmothered) plans, and doubling the allowable deductibles on small employer plans. All of these changes made by the Administration are detrimental to consumers.

I always assumed that liberals are in favor of the law. If this is true then why are they against a lawsuit that is designed to implement exactly what they want? Why do they want employers to be able to avoid penalties for not providing insurance to their employees? Why are they against measures that are designed to lower health care costs? Why are they against consumers having better benefits?

Truth is they aren't. Instead they have their heads buried in the sand, missing the point of a lawsuit that is brought forth by the side of the aisle they despise. And the DCCC hopes they continue to stay buried while hopefully collecting $19 from each one.
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