Monday, July 28, 2014

Flying Monkey's and Unicorns

No bones about it. I don't like Obamacare. If you have the time, I can give you a long list of reasons. But let's start with an email I received from a lady in Georgia looking for "affordable" health insurance. Let's call the lady Dorothy, and her husband, Toto.

I am a self employed consultant and my husband is an independent sales rep. I need a health insurance plan for both of us. Can you help us weed through all this and find something?
Sure can, but I need to know if you have recently lost coverage. You can only buy coverage when the government says you can.

We were covered by a client that had me under contract and provided insurance. My last day with them was Friday so my insurance will terminate in August.
OK, that means the government will allow you to buy. Just need some details and I can send over a quote then we can talk on Monday.

The couple's ages are 58 and 54. Unfortunately they live in a part of Georgia where community rating factors are higher than all but 4 other places in the U.S.

Turns out a $12,000 deductible plan will run them $1100 month.

Last year a similar plan would have been around $400.

Of course President AWOL would call that plan substandard.
Is there any reason why we can take a plan for this year that doesn't meet minimum essential and then see what happens in 2015.
You can, but ..........

The only alternative is a short term medical (STM) that will cover you for up to 6 months. The plan does not meet government requirements and you will incur a penalty.

Plus the STM plans won't be allowed in 2015.

And rates for next year will be higher than 2014.
I am not paying those ($1100) premiums so we will have to find another option
Yeah, well good luck with that.

Finding affordable Obamacare health insurance is like looking for flying monkeys and unicorns. It just doesn't exist.
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