Thursday, July 17, 2014

And now for something completely different... [BUMPED and UPDATED]

Tom Ireland published his first paper (which took First Place in a Big 8 competition) while in college, and never looked back. As an Air Force officer, and then in private industry, he developed and honed his unique and successful leadership style, and now you, too, can benefit from his many years of successful experience.

For the next two days (today and tomorrow), you can download - Gratis! [ed: Peruvian for Free] - his newest effort: Information Technology Strategic Leadership. All he asks in return is that you give it a positive comment on Amazon if you like it.

Tom says he's making this generous offer because he "feels strongly about the subject of IT leadership. Frankly, as an outside consultant and as an executive staff member, I have watched too many people promoted to the leadership ranks based on their great technical knowledge rather than their leadership ability. This is never a good decision for the enterprise."

Just click here to download your copy.
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