Thursday, June 19, 2014

ElderCare, the Differently Abled, and Progress

While it's likely apocryphal that Alaskans actually set their elderly adrift on ice floes, it's no myth that our current society could stand some circumspection regarding its treatment of Seasoned Citizens.

To that end, a group of experts has gotten together and published an insightful, somewhat disturbing, but ultimately uplifting post about how the disabled and elderly are treated, and what the future may bode:

"I have several friends that have disabilities which require mobility device. Just seeing them come into a room, you can see the look on peoples’ faces when they come by. It’s like a feeling of sympathy – my friends don’t ask for it, you know? They don’t want sympathy ... Advancements in technology just give people a better opportunity to show off their talents, and to show what they can do. It’s all about giving people the freedom to live the life that they want for themselves."

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