Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dishonorable Discharge

It seems the "secret waiting list" scandal at the VA (Veteran's Administration) hospitals is
growing like a fungus. First reported at the Phoenix VA facility, now it appears the problem is not unique to the Arizona facility.

Similar reports are hitting the news about delays and secret lists from Missouri, Illinois, Wyoming, North Carolina, Texas and Colorado.

Attorney General Eric Holder said
'Well, obviously these reports if they're true are unacceptable, and the allegations are being taken very seriously by the administration,' Holder told reporters on Tuesday.
'But I don't have any announcements at this time with regard to anything that the Justice Department is doing,' he said.

The Attorney General has also failed to investigate reports of voter fraud, the IRS scandal, "fast and furious, or get to the bottom of what really happened in Benghazi.

On the other hand he has taken an active role in the Trayvon Martin shooting, including allowing the DOJ Community Relations Service to support protests by the New Black Panther party at the Zimmerman trial. Following the acquittal of George Zimmerman Holder announced the Justice Department would investigate possible civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

Holder also authorized an investigation of Fox News reporter James Rosen, alleging possible violations involving "national security".
But so far the AG has refused to consider any investigation regarding the VA.
VA hospitals are required to see patients within two weeks to a month of their request for an appointment. Between 1,400 to 1,600 veterans were not logged into the VA's official system in a surreptitious plot to hide the hospital's months long wait times
Reports of possibly 40 deaths at the Phoenix VA are not on Mr. Holder's radar at this time. After all, "What difference, at this point, does it matter?"

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